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Age-Friendly Louisville works with community partners and stakeholders across all eight age-friendly domains to ensure that age-friendly practices are effectively and efficiently integrated across our community.


Age-Friendly Louisville is led in partnership by Louisville Metro Government, AARP Kentucky, KIPDA, and the UofL Trager Institute.

Age-friendly policies are given priority in the upcoming 2040 Comprehensive Plan. We look forward to working with our partners to ensure Louisville is a place where people can let active and vibrant lives regardless of their age.

Gretchen Milliken / Louisville Forward

It is so important for Louisville to further these initiatives in lifelong wellness and aging care- being an Age-Friendly Louisville gives the city the opportunity to recognize the great diversity of our citizens, support inclusion and honor the contributions made in all areas of the community.

Sarah Teeters / Metro Office for Aging and Disabled Citizens

At the national level, ARRP is a leader in promoting Age-Friendly cities. Locally, we will leverage our resources and network to connect the initiative to critical grassroots systems and advocacy channels. We are working to create a state-wide conversation where all of Kentucky's age-friendly communities - Berea, Bowling Green, Lexington, and Louisville - can share ideas and support one another in the process of becoming age-friendly.

Tihisha M. Rawlins / AARP Kentucky

The Institute looks forward to leveraging its connections to achieve wide-reaching coordination and collaboration in this effort. Such comprehensive buy-in will be vital to the success of the age-friendly city endeavor: improving the quality of life not only for our older residents but for residents of all ages.

Anna Faul / UofL Trager Institute

Barbara Gordon / KIPDA

I look forward to the day when all citizens in Louisville can say their community is age-friendly; that regardless of a person's age (from early childhood to centenarian), all are able to access and actively participate in their community; the place where they live.

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