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Strategic Plan

2024 - 2027


Our strategic planning involves the community in defining objectives and goals for our action plan, fostering a shared sense of ownership. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone contributes to and takes pride in the plan's success.

Results of the Refocus Survey -
New Age-Friendly Louisville Domains 2024 - 2027

The AFL Strategic Plan Re-Focus Survey results have guided us in prioritizing key domains for our upcoming initiatives, ensuring an inclusive environment in Louisville. We appreciate your valuable input in this decision-making process!

Discover new domains and join our collaborative effort to shape Louisville's future for all ages and abilities. Stay tuned for action projects in progress.

Let's create a thriving community from stroller to walker together! Click to explore and join the workgroup.

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Presentation at Age-Friendly Louisville Kickoff 2024

Discover updates featured in The Age-Friendly Louisville Kickoff presentation below, which was shared at the event on January 25th, 2024.

If the below PDF viewer is not loading, download the Powerpoint Presentation here.

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