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 Mobility & Access Workgroup

We invite you to join us in our effort to make Louisville a place where people of all ages and abilities can lead lives that thrive from stroller to walker. Click on the below workgroups to learn about our projects and how you can get involved!

Vision: Louisville will have accessible transportation for all citizens regardless of where they live.

Action Project No. 1

Work with Regional Mobility Council (RMC) to ensure that TARC is affordable and network maps are accessible and understandable to all community members.

Action Project No. 2

Improve sidewalks, crosswalks, and signal crossing times/options to ensure all citizens are able
to access their
communities safely.

  1. Have Age-Friendly members on the Regional Mobility Council and Transportation Accessibility Advisory Council (TAAC) who will advocate for TARC affordability along with the inclusion of accessible and understandable TARC maps as a priority issue on the RMCs agenda. 

  1. Work with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to ensure that the age-friendly improvement of sidewalks, crosswalks, and signal crossing times/options are included in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan. 

Photo by Carlos Doncel on Unsplash

Meet Our Facilitators


Larry Sloan

Larry Sloan is a retired independent salesman selling craft and art supplies to retailers for 50+ years. He is a Board member of The Louisville Rotary Club, the KIPDA Aging and Disability Advisory Council, Second Presbyterian Church, Women’s Global Cancer Alliance, and TARC Accessibility Advisory Council.  Larry is the lead Facilitator for the Mobility & Accessibility Workgroup.


Larry is a Widower, has 5 children/step children, 14 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren. 

holly Turano.jpg

Holly Bagley

Holly is the co-facilitator of the Mobility and Access Domain. Holly is the Special Projects Coordinator at KIPDA Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living. Holly is passionate for working on projects and programs to assist individuals remain healthy and happy in their homes.


Holly is new to the Louisville area, but worked on Age Friendly New York. Holly hopes to make Louisville and Kentucky more age friendly for all residents – birth and on!


Dr. Loretta Baker

Loretta F. Baker is an AARP community volunteer, a certified grief specialist, an ordained minister, and Doctor of Ministry in Missions, Evangelism and Black Church Leadership. She retired from the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training and has experience in sales, training, operations, and management across a wide range of financial and social services. Rev. Dr. Baker is committed to increasing the knowledge and understanding of grief, supporting the age friendly strategic plan, and reaching the goals set for the Mobility and Access domain.

Got Passion for Leadership?

Become a Worgroup Facilitator!

Email us at to learn how you can become a leader with Age-Friendly Louisville

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